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All Eyes on Jesus Week Four, The Shepherd and Us


Luke 2:8-20 Do the people who showed up at the manger fit the bill? 1. Shepherds weren’t the “cream of the crop”. Untrustworthy, smelly, unclean, outcasts. 2. But they got the invitation — an angelic announcement! 3. The Shepherds spread the invitation. They could not help talking about what God had done and what He […]

All Eyes on Jesus Week Three, Wise Men Still Seek Him


1. The Wise Men were Pagans. Most likely astronomers/astrologers from Persia or Media. 2. The Pagans got it right, where the Jews got it wrong. How are we going to respond correctly to this birth? 3. The Gospel is for all people. Jesus cannot be marginalized. He is meant for all people, at all times, […]

All Eyes on Jesus Week Two, Lessons from Herod at Christmastime


Matthew 2:1-18 1. Herod was afraid! (He was petrified!) He saw his kingdom, life, and power threatened by the King born in Bethlehem. 2. Herod lied. From fear to deception, Herod was determined to continue. 3. Herod purged. He embraced evil to protect his life from change.   What can this teach us today? Herod […]

All Eyes on Jesus


What is Christmas all about? The question… “Am I living it?” Ephesians 4:17-18 1. Christians must be different from the world (Vs 17) 2. The world does not know God (Vs 18) We are called to be different from the world, but can anyone tell the difference? Is Jesus at the center, or just a […]